Monday, October 22, 2018

Galactic Shamanism: Lesson # 1, The Medicine Wheel

The Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour and moves around the sun at around about 67,000 mph. What if you could tap into all that power to support your life and manifest your dreams? Well through modern application of an ancient practice you can. The first class in Galactic Shamanism Art of the Ancients Key to Tomorrow: is here!


In this class you will learn:

The scientific principles behind the practice
Easily understood principles and techniques to access and align with the powers of the earth
The earth activation ceremony of the medicine wheel
The power of working with the elements and directions
How to work with your personal intention and bottom line to manifest the life you want
Medicine wheel ceremonies to perform at auspicious times such as seasons, phases of the moon, and times of day to further propel your intent into the world

You will go away with:

A certificate of completion
The knowledge base to move on the next phase of the Galactic Shamanism Training should you chose
A viable practice that can empower you, your children and your children’s children for years to come
True magic at your hands

Why wait to empower your life? Get your class today!


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  1. Hello Dear Students and welcome to the first class in the Galactic Shamanism Series: The Medicine Wheel. I am your certified shamanic instructor Gwilda Wiyaka. Post any comments or questions about the class here and I will respond as soon as possible. I look forward to exploring the Shamanic Arts with you as we empower our lives with this ancient powerful form.


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