Thursday, January 31, 2019

“How do You Really Feel?”

The Stairway to Heaven Vignette #008
“How do You Really Feel?”
Emotional processing is paramount in evolution

Life by its very nature is in constant motion and process. Shutting down any natural process has negative ramifications and limits our mobility and therefore our evolution. Having judged against emotions, we stuff them until we either flat line or become volatile. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven We will explore responsible ways to clear emotions without dumping them on others or internalizing them to our personal detriment.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome Path Home Shamanic Arts School 2019 Students,

There is no replacement for mutual support while going through these studies. I have created this blog as a place where you can ask questions and engage in discussions so we can stay in touch between classes and share ideas.

Some suggested resources for you:

If you have not already done so might I suggest you purchase and study our on-line Medicine Wheel class. It is full of great information on earth activation. It is available here:

Also as a free resource if you have not already watched them The Stairway to Heaven TV Vignettes are a wonderful resource for updates on the currents affecting us all during these exciting times of acceleration. I am continuing to produce more and will add to the collection on a regular basis. You can find them here:

On my Radio Show, MISSION: EVOLUTION I interview the leading experts in science and the esoteric. It focus on the latest information regarding spiritual evolution and personal empowerment. Past episodes are available here free of charge:

Should you find you need shamanic healing to support your process we have long distance shamanic sessions available here: (I have found at least one session a month while you are in the program is invaluable)

Our next time together will be January 25th, 26th & 27th, 2019
Following is the information and supply list for the class:

Friday Jan. 25th, Saturday Jan. 26th & Sunday Jan 27th

Honing Your Tools, Life purpose and Beginning Soul Retrieval

Class will be from 9:30 A - 4:30p each day
Cost for the 3 days $600.00
Tuition is due on or before the registration deadline of Jan. 14th 2019
You will be sent a Pay Pal Invoice ahead of time.
It will be held at my home 455 Hamilton Creek Rd, Coaldale, CO 81222
Arrive 15 min early to get settled in


A bag lunch each day

In Touch With Spirit Workbook
Sanctuary Workbook
The Path to Wholeness: Beginning Soul Retravel Work Book (we will have this workbook available for you to purchase here as it may not be up on Amazon in time)

Either Betwixt & Between or On Wings of Spirit

The above are available at: (or we have them here to purchase as well including the mp3s)

Also bring the following supplies:
Drawing pad and crayons or colored pencils
CD or MP3 player with ear buds
1 - 1"+ clear single terminated clear quartz crystal

bandanna to cover your eyes
warm clothing in case we go out of doors (we will be in the country so wear suitable shoes/boots)
slippers for indoor wear

Looking forward to sitting in circle with you my friends



Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Stairway to Heaven Vignette #013 “The Magic of Archetypes”

The Stairway to Heaven Vignette #013

“The Magic of Archetypes”

The Art of Frequency Mastery

While in modern times, archetypes are seen as deities or false gods, worshiped by primitive, superstitious people, they were originally metaphorical representations of particular bandwidths of frequency. Through the use of archetypes, frequency mastery was obtained, enabling the practitioner to manage matter at the quantum level. In this episode of The Stairway to Heaven, we will unravel the mystery of archetypes and their modern day application.

“How do You Really Feel?”

The Stairway to Heaven Vignette #008 “How do You Really Feel?” Emotional processing is paramount in evolution Life by it...